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Recuerdo la primera vez que me iba a mudar a Linux de manera definitiva, uno de mis temores más infundados era ¿Y el software? ¿Con que voy a reemplazar winamp? ¿Messenger?. Aún con todo esto en la cabeza decidí aventurarme y ahora disfruto de las bondades de Linux y el OpenSource. Si eres nuevo y empiezas a buscar software para reemplazar el que tenías instalado en Windows, te dejo esta lista detallada de los programas más usados y sus alternativas libres. Todo, tras el salto.

3D Studio Max

K-3D Main Page – K-3D
Wings 3D ( Wings 3d )
Art of Illusion Home – Art of Illusion
Blender – Home


KuickShow KuickShow – an Image Viewer for KDE
Gwenview Gwenview | News
GQview GQview
Eye of GNOME Eye of GNOME

Adobe Acrobat Reader

okular Okular – more than a reader
Xpdf Xpdf
Evince Evince – Simply a document viewer
ePDFView PDF Viewer ? Trac
KPDF KPDF – more than a reader – KPDF 0.5.10

Adobe Illustrator

Skencil Skencil, a vector drawing program
Inkscape Inkscape. Draw Freely.
Karbon14 The KOffice Project – Karbon14
Xara Xtreme for Linux Home

Adobe PageMaker


Adobe Photoshop

GIMP GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Krita The KOffice Project – Krita
CinePaint CinePaint

Adobe Premier

PiTiVi Main Page – PiTiViWiKi
LiVES LiVES Video Editing System – Because the media should be open
Kino Linux Digital Video –
Cinelerra Cinelerra :: a video editor and compositor for Linux

Daemon Tools

Kiso Kiso Project page


Quanta Plus Quanta Plus Home
Geany Geany : Home Page
Screem Screem HTML/XML Editor – About
KompoZer KompoZer – Easy web authoring


F4L Flash For Linux

Guitar Pro

TuxGuitar .:: TuxGuitar ::. Open Source Tablature Editor :: TuxGuitar

Microsoft Access

Kexi The KOffice Project – Kexi
knoda Knoda database frontend

Microsoft Excel

KSpread The KOffice Project – KSpread
Gnumeric GNOME Office / Gnumeric – Welcome to Gnumeric!

Microsoft HyperTerminal

minicom Alioth: minicom: Project Info
GtkTerm GtkTerm |

Microsoft Office

GNOME Office GnomeOffice – GNOME Live!
KOffice The KOffice Project
OpenOffice – The Free and Open Productivity Suite

MSN messenger

Mercury Messenger Mercury Messenger
Kopete Kopete Instant Messenger – Kopete, The KDE Instant Messenger
Pidgin Pidgin, the universal chat client
Emesene emesene

Nero Burning Rom

X-CD-Roas X-CD-Roast 0.98
GnomeBaker GnomeBaker – Project Web Hosting – Open Source Software
K3b K3b – The CD Kreator

Partition Magic

Partimage Main Page – Partimage
GParted GParted — Welcome
QtParted QtParted homepage

Pro Tools

Ardour ardour | the new digital audio workstation


Audacious Main_Page
Amarok Amarok | Rediscover music!
XMMS woop woop woop woop
Noatun Noatun – The KDE Media Player

Windows Media Player

PiTiVi Main Page – PiTiViWiKi
LiVES LiVES Video Editing System – Because the media should be open
Open Movie Editor Open Movie Editor
Avidemux Avidemux – Main Page

Mac OS X QuickSilver

Gnome Do GNOME + Do = Crazy Delicious

Outlook, Outlook Express

Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird en español | Mozilla Europe

Flashget, Getright

gWget GWGET – Download Manager for GNOME2
GNOME TransferManager GNOME Transfer Manager home page
HTTrack HTTrack Website Copier – Offline Browser


gFTP gFTP Official Homepage


Ekiga Ekiga ~ Free your speech.

VNC, Asistencia Remota, pcAnywhere, Windows Terminal Server, Rdesktop, Apple Remote Desktop

Rdesktop rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client

Microsoft Active Directory

OpenLDAP OpenLDAP, Main Page
Samba Samba – opening windows to a wider world

Norton Commander

Midnight Commander Midnight Commander

WinZip, WinRar

FileRoller File Roller
PeaZIP PeaZip free RAR 7Z TAR ZIP archive manager

PowerQuest Partition Magic

gParted GParted — Screenshots
QTparted Screenshots

Norton Ghost

Clonezilla Clonezilla

Nero Burning ROM, Roxio Easy CD Creator

Brasero Brasero
K3b Screenshots – K3b

SoundForge, Cooledit, Cubase

Ardour ardour | the new digital audio workstation
Sweep Sweep
Audacity Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
EcaSound Ecasound – multitrack audio processing tool


LilyPond LilyPond, music notation for everyone

Microsoft Visio

Dia Dia a drawing program

Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flash

Flash for Linux Flash For Linux
DrawSWF DrawSWF – A Java Drawing Application to generate Flash Animations
OpenLaszlo OpenLaszlo | the premier platform for rich internet applications

Adobe Premiere, Media Studio Pro

Cinelerra Cinelerra :: a video editor and compositor for Linux
Lives LiVES Video Editing System – Because the media should be open
Lumiera Lumiera

Adobe After Effects

Jahshaka – Home

Microsoft Money

GNUCash Free Accounting Software | GnuCash
KMyMoney KMyMoney

Microsoft .NET

Mono Main Page – Mono
GNU DotNet DotGNU Project

Microsoft Internet Information Server

Apache Welcome! – The Apache Software Foundation

Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL MySQL :: The world’s most popular open source database

Microsoft Publisher



HardInfo HardInfo: System Profiler and Benchmark

InstallShield, WISE, GhostInstaller, Microsoft Installer, Windows Update

APT / Synaptic Synaptic Package Manager – Home


Ubuntu TWEAK Screenshots | Ubuntu Tweak

3D Home Architect

Sweet Home 3D Java Sweet Home 3D


LMMS LMMS – Linux MultiMedia Studio
Hydrogen Hydrogen – advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux

Apple iTunes

Banshee Banshee Wiki Disabled
aTunes aTunes
SongBird Songbird – Open Source Music Player
Exaile Exaile | Music Player for GTK+
Amarok Amarok | Rediscover music!
Listen Listen, just listen – Music Player ? Trac
Rhythmbox Rhythmbox – The music management application for GNOME
gtkpod gtkpod – a GUI for Apple’s iPod using GTK2

Microsoft Media Center

XBMC XBMC Media Center
Elisa Elisa, the free media player: play all your files – AVI, mp3, MKV, DivX, MOV, MP4

Microsoft OneNote

BasKet BasKet Note Pads

Microsoft Windows Media Center

Freevo Freevo Media Centre | Home Theatre Platform HTPC & PVR
Elisa Media Center
MythTV MythTV, Open Source DVR
LinuxMCE LinuxMCE

Virtual DJ

Mixxx Mixxx | Free Digital DJ Software
terminatorX terminatorX: main


ISO Master ISO Master

MathWorks MATLAB

SCI-Lab Scilab Home Page

Adobe Framemaker


Microsoft SharePoint

eGroupWare eGroupWare: Home

Cisco Systems IOS+Router

Vyatta Vyatta Open Networking – The Open-Source Alternative to Cisco

AutoDesk AutoCAD

BricsCAD Bricsys > Home
BRL-CAD BRL-CAD | Open Source Solid Modeling

Microsoft Dynamics

SugarCRM SugarForge: Open Source CRM, CRM software, CRM Open Source, opensource CRM, SugarCRM

Microsoft Exchange Server

Zimbra Community Edition Zimbra – Community
Open Xchange OXpedia |

Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in

UFRaw Gimp plug-in UFRaw – Home

Apple iMovie

Kino Linux Digital Video –

Pixar RenderMan

Pixie Pixie – Open Source RenderMan

Adobe GoLive

Quanta+ Quanta Plus Home


PHPBB phpBB • Creating Communities Worldwide

NOD32, Kaspersky, Panda, AVG PRO

ClamAV Clam AntiVirus

JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software

Orca Orca – GNOME Live!

Apple Mac OS X Time Machine

sBackup sbackup home
Back In Time Back In Time |
Time Vault

Mac OS X Exposé, Mac OS X Spaces, Mac OS X Dock

Compiz Compiz Home

Mac OS X iChat Videoconferencing with WebCam Effects

Chat Client + EffectTV + vloopback EffecTV: Index

ManyCam, WebCam-FX

Cheese Cheese – Tour

Quick View

Nautilus (preview of: EPS, Postscript, DVI, PDF, Fig (.fig), LaTeX, Raw Digital Camera Images, meta-information on digital cameras, encrypted data, md5 hash checksums file, scanned image files, Nintendo DS roms, Grace, OpenDocument Format (OpenOffice), SVGZ, SVG, All image files, All Video files, All Audio files) Nautilus File Manager Scripts: Welcome to G-Scripts

Parental Control (anti-Porno x password+TimeLimit)


Valve Counter Strike

Urban Terror Urban Terror: Urban Terror? Screenshots : In Game Action


DJL Games Installer Djl, Linux games repository

Google Maps

OpenStreet Maps OpenStreetMap

Adobe Flash Player Plug-in

Gnash plug-in Get Gnash

Microsoft SilverLight

Mono MoonLight Moonlight Downloads

Microsoft Direct X 10

OpenGL 3 OpenGL – The Industry Standard for High Performance Graphics
WineDirectX WineHQ – Fun Projects

Microsoft Media Player 10

SMPlayer SMPlayer – General Info

Microsoft Encarta

Wikimedia Wikipedia Index of /downloads/2008-06/es

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 7

Ubuntu Ubuntu Desktop Edition | Ubuntu

Microsoft Windows Mobile

Ubuntu Mobile Ubuntu MID Edition | Ubuntu

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Ultra-Mobile PC Edition

Ubuntu Netbook Remix Ubuntu Netbook Remix | Canonical

Microsoft Windows Server 2003-R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Home Server, Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server, Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003-R2, Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Ubuntu Server LTS Ubuntu Server Edition | Ubuntu

Panel de Control de Windows (local o por RDesktop)

Webmin (Panel de Control Avanzado via Web) Webmin

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