Mixxx 1.7.0

* Improved MIDI device support:
o MIDI learning wizard
o MIDI mapping editor
o Upgraded, faster mapping system
o MIDI output now fully supported on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
o QtScript/JavaScript-based MIDI Scripting Environment – Script complex behaviour for your MIDI controller!
o Added full support for the Stanton SCS.3d and SCS.1m on all platforms.
o Hercules MK2 and RMX improvements
o Added Mixman DM2 mappings for Linux and OS X.
* Vinyl Control:
o Scratching responsiveness improved, with needle-skip prevention option added.
o Signal quality indicators added to vinyl control preferences.
o Improved support for soundcards with multiple stereo inputs
* Convenience features:
o The default skin is now widescreen, and fits nicely on netbook sized screens.
o Stereo master VU meter added.
o Cue points are now saved in the library for each track, with «auto-recall» cue option added to preferences.
o Support for more platforms: 64-Bit Windows and a Universal OS X package for 10.4+!
o Over 100 bug fixes and more!

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